Our Capabilities


5 million sq.ft. of office space.

5,000 multifamily units.

Since 2000, we have invested more than half of a billion dollars in 50 investments, comprising close to 5 million square feet of office space and over 5,000 multifamily units located in the major markets globally.

The principals’ long-standing relationships with property owners, lenders and brokers within each of our markets has led to a high percentage of “off-market” transactions and which, in turn, has enabled us to outperform our peers during this same period. Our ability to identify opportunities for operational improvements and asset repositioning give us a competitive edge in determining an assets underlying value while allowing us to mitigate its risk.

From leasing to capital markets to construction, we carefully manage each element of the due diligence process, which significantly increases the likelihood of identifying issues at the outset and a more successful acquisition.


We invest in locations with true competitive advantage.

Our core philosophy as a real estate investment firm is to only invest in locations with true competitive advantage and that fit into our long-term value add model.

We provide expert advice on equity investments, assisting our partners with creating, managing, and preserving their real estate wealth. We assess properties to analyze the benefits of each investment, ensuring their security and success on a global platform.

Asset Sales

Our core philosophy as a real estate investment firm is to only invest in locations with true competitive advantage and that fit into our long-term value add model.

Our partners benefit from unparalleled marketing and transaction experience for a variety of sales. Our company specializes in carrying out each deal with skill and efficiency. The experience and knowledge of our team offers each client an individualized strategic approach to ensure broad market coverage, and maximize pricing.

We are specialized in accounting and planning to ensure sustainability and long term improvement.


a / Strong natural and political supply constraints to limit new competition
b / Strong demand fundamentals supported by demographic research, including strong job and population growth
c / An abundance of affluent housing

These high growth/high barrier markets have traditionally outperformed other real estate markets. Furthermore, we only buy assets on a value basis – that is below their long-term depreciated replacement cost – in order to insure adequate risk-adjusted returns

Property Management

Our vast knowledge allows us to effectively manage and add value to every property.

Teamwork is the foundation that enables us to deliver market-leading asset performance. Through an experienced team of professionals with varied expertise, we offer clients the vast knowledge required to effectively manage and add value to every property.

As a full-service real estate investment management firm, we provide multifamily, residential and commercial real estate investors with a broad scope of realty services. Our broad asset management expertise strives to develop programs and services that create added value for its clients, residents and tenants.

  • Services:
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Rent Collection
  • Proactive and Reactive Maintenance / Repairs
  • Expansions, Build Outs, and Improvements
  • Experienced and Qualified Building Managers
  • Parking Management
  • After-Hour Emergency Call-In Service with Live Operators
  • Multilingual Administrative Services

We offer innovative strategies that are individualized to create a plan for each asset to reduce their operating cost and increase property value. We use our expertise and experience to design a plan to maximize the potential of the asset by increasing occupancy while decreasing operating cost.


10 million sq.ft. of office and residential space across the globe.

We have created signature addresses for distinctive enterprises and have acquired and developed more than 10 million square feet of office and residential space across the globe.

The company has a rich history of developments, from signature corporate towers to stand-alone office condos and residential communities with a variety of configurations. We are able to acquire specific properties and develop efficient and architecturally attractive structures, and deliver product on time and within budget.

Having acquired and developed more than 10 million square feet of space, we have a very well rounded perspective of both the owner’s and tenant’s sides of construction for both base building and tenant improvements. Clients’ requirements have been met with development solutions that include build-to-suit facilities, retrofits of existing structures, and the creation of entire master-planned projects.


We carefully analyze the markets that we lease.

We offer a flexible, comprehensive, and strategic service that combines leasing and market analysis.

Our relationships within the brokerage community and the tenants in each of our markets are unparalleled in the industry. Additionally our in-house leasing team has extensive expertise in the key regional target markets. Leasing is one of our core capabilities and provides us significantly deeper knowledge than those firms that rely solely on third party leasing firms to provide them with market intelligence. It is this perspective that enables us to select targets and acquire those assets that will have a competitive advantage in the market.